What is the Moab Bike Patrol? The Moab Bike Patrol is a volunteer organization operating under the auspices of the Bureau of Land Management’s, Moab Field Office. Members are BLM volunteers and are expected to complete at least six patrol days per year. The Moab Bike Patrol has both local and non-local members.
Bike patrollers are members of the National Mountain Bike Patrol. They volunteer to assist trail users with bike repair and first aid, provide information about trails and riding areas, and work on trail maintenance and projects. Patrollers are trained to contact local authorities when help is necessary. Patrollers are emissaries for the sport who work to create positive mountain biking experiences.

Why consider joining the Patrol? Becoming a patroller is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the sport and to the mountain biking community. As a member of the Moab Bike Patrol, you will play an important role assisting people have a safe and fun riding experience.

Being a bike patroller does take commitment, but the main responsibilities are likely things that you’re already doing. If you enjoy riding your bike and helping people then you’re well on your way.

Other Benefits
Members who Patrol the Sand Flats Recreation Area (including the Slickrock Trail and Porcupine Rim Trail), qualify for free admission and use of the Moab Bike Patrol campsite (unless already occupied by another member). Members also get free admission to Dead Horse State Park when patrolling the park.

A growing list of Moab companies offer patrol members discounts on equipment and accessories. The specific list of discounts offered to active patrollers by Moab area businesses is available in the Members section of this website.

What do I need to do to join the Patrol? Prospective patrollers need to complete an annual weekend training session and join our local IMBA chapter. To become a patroller, you will further need to complete basic first aid / CPR, expand your IMBA membership to include membership in the National Mountain Bike Patrol, and purchase a uniform shirt. For more information about the National Mountain Bike Patrol see:

How much does it cost to be a member? Annual costs include the IMBA national & chapter membership of $35 plus the IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol Annual membership of $15. Basic First Aid / CPR certification expenses are $57 to $80 every three years. Uniform shirts are $30 each. 
No dues are presently assessed for membership, but a small amount may be necessary at some time.

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