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The Members section provides essential information for every member of the Moab Bike Patrol. Please see the end of the Members Section for information about how to make this section of our website better meet your needs.

Patrol Update
Please click here to access prior copies the Patrol Update newsletter.

Utah Good Samaritan Law
Please study the Utah Good Samaritan law by clicking on the following link:

Volunteer Forms
Two Bureau of Land Management volunteer forms need to be filled out when you join the Moab Bike Patrol and then again every January. Click here to open the Volunteer Agreement (PDF). Click here to open the Risk Analysis Worksheet (PDF).
After entering your information and signing them, you can scan these two documents and email them to the Moab Bike Patrol Coordinator at moabbikepatrol@gmail.com or print and mail them via USPS to:  

Moab Bike Patrol
C/O Russell von Koch
1757 South Highland Drive
Moab, UT 84532

The patrol coordinator will record that you have completed your forms and then send them on to the BLM volunteer coordinator.

Daily Patrol Logs 
Click here to open a copy of the Daily Patrol Log in PDF format.

Patrol Hut

As of May 23rd, 2016, we again have a functioning patrol hut! On May 10th, TrailMix chair Sandy Freethey agreed to let the Bike Patrol share half of the storage shed assigned to TrailMix by Grand County.  Thanks to Marvin Day, Grand County’s facility manager, for supporting our effort to find a new location for the patrol hut and to TrailMix’s chair, Sandy Freethey, and TrailMix’s Trail Coordinator, Scott Escott, for readily agreeing to vacate a portion of their space for our use.

The patrol hut is located in a Grand County parking area behind the county maintenance shop (just north of the Courthouse). To access the patrol hut, turn east from US 191 onto 100 North, drive past the 100 East intersection, and then turn right into the parking area. A “one-way” sign marks the driveway to the parking area from 100 North Street.  EMS vehicles also use this driveway, so be sure to continue in the indicated direction when departing. The hut is the small tan colored moved-on-site building to the left of a row of white county cars and is located just behind the white TrailMix cargo trailer. Look for the TrailMix and Moab Bike Patrol Logos on the right side of the entry door.

Hut combination
Our key box from the old patrol hut has been installed next to the entry door. The combination to access the key remains 0928.  Look for the small Moab Bike Patrol Logo above the key box. Please note that to relock the key box, you must key-in the code a second time and pull down on the small locking button when replacing the key. You may open the “fixed” door from the inside to get more ventilation and light into the building. Please remember to slide the top and bottom bolts back into their lock position before leaving.

Hut Supplies and Equipment
Inside the building you will find blank patrol logs on a clipboard with a supply of pens and a folding chair to use while filling your patrol log.  You will be able to use the white board for leaving information about your “recent patrols” and notes.  For this use, you will find new white board pens, a spray bottle, and an erasure. There is an orange cloth bag for depositing completed patrol logs. Please note that sending electronic copies of patrol logs is the preferred method for submitting patrol logs as that will facilitate more frequent review and potentially faster action on recommended trail repairs, etc.

Equipment at the hut includes first aid kits and supplies, a bike work stand, a major bike repair kit, several smaller tool kits, a floor type tire pump, and two large patrol fanny packs. Also available are some older trail maps and guidebooks.  All of the small gear and supplies are protected in labeled clear tubs with locking lids. One of the two small tubs (the one with the guidebooks) also has three small wilderness first aid books and several booklets of Patient Information forms. Please be sure to keep the tub lids snapped.
While the first aid gear has been sorted by type into the tubs, the tool kits and the two Adventure Medical Kits may not be complete. Please check their contents before you need to depend upon them. The Coordinator will be purchasing a supply of patch kits and tire tubes for Patrol use. If you find equipment deficiencies, please write a request on the white board (for others to see) and write a note about the deficiency on your patrol log.

Patroller's Campsite
There is a campsite reserved for Moab Mountain Bike Patrol members. It is located on Sand Flats Road directly across from the Slick Rock parking lot. Check in at the Sand Flats entry booth for availability.

First Aid / CPR Certification & Training
To be a patroller in the Moab and National patrols, a current minimum certification of Basic First Aid with CPR is required. The certification may be obtained through the American Red Cross or another entity that provides an equivalent or higher certification.

First Aid /CPR Classes in Moab
While the training may be completed elsewhere, Grand County’s Emergency Medical Services offers CPR & First Aid classes several times per month as described at the following link: http://grandcountyutah.net/253/Moab-CPR-Classes Please contact the Emergency Medical Services Department at least two weeks ahead of the class date to register by calling Paula Dunham, AHA Training Center Coordinator, at 435-259-8901 or by sending an email request to pdunham@grandcountyutah.net. Upon completion of your training, please email a copy of your certification card to: moabbikepatrol@gmail.com

Updated Pricing for First Aid / CPR Training by Grand County EMS
Grand County discounts this training by 25% for trainees associated with non-profit organizations including the Moab Bike Patrol.  As of July 2016, the total cost for First Aid / CPR certification is $57.

Patrol Recruitment Card
If you meet individuals who might be interested in joining the patrol, it is handy to have a quick way to leave them with a message about what we do and how to obtain additional information. We may have these cards available in the hut soon. If you choose, you can click here to access a PDF print file containing a page of business card sized patrol recruitment cards.

Some Important Numbers
Emergency Only!                                    911

Law Enforcement (non-emergency)

Grand County Sheriff                               435 259 8115

Moab Police Department                         435 259 8938

BLM Ranger, Rich Lloyd                          435 210 4059

BLM Ranger, Greg Meuth                        435 459 9387

Fire Reports
Interagency Fire Center Dispatch             435 259 1850

Medical Services
Moab Regional Hospital                          435 719 3500
450 W Williams Way

Agency Phone Numbers
(Agencies operate during business hours)
BLM Moab Field Office                           435 259 2100
82 East Dogwood Street

Forest Service Moab Ranger District       435 259 7155
62 E 100 North Street

Sand Flats Recreation Area office           435 259 2444

Sand Flats Recreation Area Entrance      435 260 1592
(normally staffed busy weekends)

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and          435 259 3766
State Lands, SE Utah Regional Office
1165 S Highway 191, Suite 6

Utah Division of State Parks and
Recreation, SE Utah Regional Office        435 259 3750
1165 S Highway 191, Suite 7

Dead Horse Point State Park                  435 259 2614

Other Benefits and Discounts Available to Active Patrollers from Moab Businesses
Members who Patrol the Sand Flats Recreation Area (including the Slickrock Trail and Porcupine Rim Trail), qualify for free admission and use of the Moab Bike Patrol campsite (unless already occupied by another member). Members also get free admission to Dead Horse State Park when patrolling the park.

A growing list of Moab companies offer patrol members discounts on equipment and accessories. These include Poison Spider Bicycles (up to15% discount), Gearheads (10% discount), and Chile Pepper Bike Shop (10% discount). Coyote Shuttle provides free space available shuttles (up to 2 uniformed patrollers per trip on a space-available basis (10% discount during peak periods) and Moab Mountain Bike Instruction offers a 10% for their skills training classes and will donate 10% of the value of an instruction session to the Moab Bike Patrol for referrals from patrollers.

Bike Patrol Handbook
You can download the 2016 Patroller Handbook here.

Suggestions for Improving the Members Section
Besides key information, we hope that the members section will develop into a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences. Please help us make this section better meet your needs by submitting your suggestions for building a better organization to moabbikepatrol@gmail.com

Member email list
We could have a member email list to facilitate communications among those members willing to share their email addresses. Let us know if you are willing to share your email address.

Top 10 most frequently broken bike parts?
Would it be useful to have this information from the local bike shops to help focus our mechanical repair skills?

"Tales From the Trail."
Our newest suggestion involves csreating a Facbook page so participating patrollers could display bike-related images and experiences.


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