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Moab Area Bike Trails

Starting with the Slickrock Bike Trail, a few exciting cow trails known only to locals, and a legacy of unsigned roads and jeep trails, the Moab area now offers a vast range of well-signed cycling opportunities that would take most riders months to ride.

Riding options in the Moab area include:    
 - single-track trails designed and built with mountain biking in mind,
 - other single track trails open to cycling,
 - shared-use backcountry roads open to both motorized and non-motorized traffic,
 - the Bartlett/Jedi Slickrock (open) Riding Area,
 - the North Moab Recreation area system of paved bike paths,
 - the State Route HWY 313 bike lanes (paved),
 - Moab City's non-motorized Mill Creek Parkway (both paved & dirt sections), and
 - Moab City's system of bike lanes.

Moab Area Trail Overview, Riding Areas, and Trail Descriptions

To begin learning about Moab area cycling areas or to check out new areas seeMoab Area Mountain Biking and Road Cycling An Overview of Area Trails:

Trail Descriptions

The patrol strongly suggests you visit the websites listed below to learn more about the various bike trails in the Moab area. To ride these trails you should obtain a map and/or guidebook. Avoid injury, exhaustion, disgust and fatigue by picking a trail that you are suited for. The ratings are relative - what may be a "difficult" trail elsewhere may be considered "easy" in Moab.

For detailed descriptions of most of the bike trails in the Moab area click on the Mountain Biking section of .

The Moab Trails Alliance
The Moab Trails Alliance partners with TrailMix and the Moab area land management agencies to raise funds for trail projects. They also generally promote mountain biking in the Moab Area. MTA spearheaded fund raising for the paved bike paths north of Moab. Thanks Kim, you brought us a great river bridge and related facilities! See their featured rides and many more trail descriptions at:

The Moab Trails Alliance also partners with the MTB Project and IMBA. To learn more about the Moab Trails Alliance see:

BLM Field Office
Outside of the Manti-La Sal National Forest and Dead Horse State Park, most mountain biking trails in the Moab are located on Public Lands managed by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management, aka, the "BLM". Check the BLM Moab Field Office's Recreation web page for additional information about camping, mountain biking and a host of other activities and areas at:

Utah Mountain Bike Trails
The Utah Mountain Bike Trails website provides information about specific trails and riding areas around Utah including the Moab area. See their website at: then click on Moab for area specific trails. rates and reviews bike and other trails around the country. To see's trails, maps, and descriptions in the Moab area, click here and then type "Moab" in the search field.

Agency Recreation Websites and Riding Areas

Moab / Monticello Ranger District
The La Sal Mountains east of Moab provide a completely different riding experience from the lower elevation trails around Moab. In the summer, the trails in the La Sals provide a much-need break from the heat of Moab.   To learn more about some additional trails open to mountain bike use in the Moab Ranger District’s section of the Manti-La Sal National Forest, check out the trails in the Gateway and La Sal Loop / Moab Front sections at the following link:

Deadhorse Point State Park
Dead Horse State Park has been a leader among State parks in Utah in developing new trails designed for mountain biking. See the following link to learn more about cycling at the park:

Grand County Trail Mix
TrailMix, Grand County’s interagency, multi-activity committee has been instrumental in the planning and development of the many new non-motorized trails in the Moab area. To learn more about Grand County’s TrailMix committee see:


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